‘Diversity in Nuclear’ was the perfect theme for International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) 2020 which had gathered young and senior professionals from the nuclear industry across the globe. This biannual conference was held at Sydney, Australia during 8th -13th March 2020. Indian Young scientists made their remarkable presence at IYNC2020. A team of seven members from different parts of India lead by Mr. Dnyaneshwar Awasare, Ex-Scientific Officer- Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL) and current President of Indian Young Generation in Nuclear Network participated in this conference. This was first time for Indian nuke professionals to participate in such a large number at IYNC conference.

IYNC is the global network of the future generation of professionals in the Nuclear field dedicated to develop new approaches to communicate benifits of Nuclear Power, as part of a balanced energy mix. The network also aims to transfer knowledge from the current generation of leading scientists to the next generation and across International boundries.

Mr. Wei Huang, IAEA representative at IYNC2020 appreciated Mr. Awasare’s work and his poster paper on the Topic ‘The Indian Young Generation – Gurantors of the future of Nuclear Energy.’ Mr. Awasare had aslo played vital role in organising committee of this conference. He had worked as Reviewer for the scientific and technical papers submitted by different nuclear professionals across the world and also acted as Technical Track Manager during the event.

Apart from Mr. Awasare, Dr. Priyanka Jawale from department of law, Savitribai Fule Pune University, finalist of Innovation for Nuclear (I4N) contest from IAEA, also presented her paper on civil nuclear liability law which was aslo appreciated by imminent personalities across the globe present at the event.

Mr. Biswamohan Nanda, Scientific Officer, Electronics corporation of India Ltd (ECIL), Mr. Vipra Goyal from IIT Kharagpur, Mr. Vikash Singh Bhadouria and mr. Dipanjan Ray from IIT Kanpur also presented their research papers in diverse fields of Nuclear energy which attracted attention of audience present.

“It was really proud moment for a person like me who has came from rural area of Maharashtra state and had no connections with Nuclear energy before joining Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), to represent India at IYNC and also feeling honoured to be associated with such a progressive and professional association. It’s unique platform at an international level to showcase your talent and make networking with other professionals from nuclear industry across the globe. Indian Young Generation has potential to change the narrative of Nuclear energy and can work as nuclear communicators in future,” said Mr. Awasare after his arrival from the conference.

Next IYNC conference will be hosted by Russia at Sochi in 2022.

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