Indian Young Generation In Nuclear Society

  • To spread the awareness about the benefits of Nuclear energy and technology among the general public of Republic of India.
  • To develop a professional society of young people willing to communicate the benefits of nuclear power in India’s energy mix to the public.
  • To establish the gamut of nuclear knowledge management and thus transferring acquaintance from present scientific community to future generations within the country.
  • To develop a scaffold for the incorporation of a variety of disciplines and professions and motivate them to work towards the same objective as of the organization.
  • To design an easily comprehensible outreach approach specifically for the Indian society.
  • To innovate novel techniques of communication in order to convey the advantages of nuclear technology in the general public’ day-to-day life.
  • To encourage further uses of nuclear science and technology, and the nuclear education for the prosperity of public.
  • To enhance public’ understanding and to educate them about nuclear science and technology.
  • To organize and hold a number of public events for the promotion of advantages of nuclear energy and related technologies.